Saturday, January 21, 2012

DR: 01.20.2012

Another walk-run-walk workout session for me. It was a very nice Saturday morning run, nice weather and the air is cool. I made the run part a little more intense this time to further shake the rusty-achey-joints off. Hehehehe. :D

Don't put much interpretations on the graph. I am still building mileage and gaining endurance stage. ;)

Present Weight: 160 lbs.
Target Weight: 145 lbs.

1KM 8' 31"
2KM 10' 44"
3KM 7'39"
4KM 8' 33"
5KM 6' 29"
6KM 8' 24"
7KM 12' 01"
8KM 9' 04"
9KM 12' 25"
10KM 11' 52"
11.29 KM 11' 27"

Keep on T runnin'. ;)


Friday, January 13, 2012

Pre RE: Condura Skyway Marathon 2012

It's time for the Condura Skyway Marathon once again. I run this event last year for 10k and I'm thinking of leveling up to 21k this year. But I'm late already for training and just merely 10k on my mileage. I still can't decide if I will push thru with my registration. If I can rack up some mileage next week, we'll see. :(

5K Medal

10K Medal

21K Medal

42K Medal

Keep on T runnin'. ;)


Monday, January 2, 2012

DR: 01.02.2012

My first run of the new year. I just break myself in with walk-run-walk approach. This is the start for my 21k run next month. ;)

I need to hydrate more in the coming days, I almost got cramps on my final kilometer. :D

Present Weight: 160 lbs.
Target Weight   : 145 lbs.

1KM 8' 48"
2KM 8' 49"
3KM 8' 34"
4KM 6' 27"
5KM 7' 52"
6KM 8' 34"
7KM 9' 14
8KM 8' 50"
9.15KM 11' 13"

Keep on T runnin'. ;)


Which one???

I am looking for my new runners and considering these two from Brooks. :)

Brooks T7 Racer

Brooks Green Silence

Which one should I get? Please help me choose. :D

Keep on T runnin'. ;)


Starting Anew

First of all, may I greet you a...Happy New Year 2012!!!

photo lifted from web

Here I go again. Same old story. Back to square one, starting all over again. But hey, this is new year. It is the time to start anew. ;)

I chose the image above with the target. Yes, a target! I have one aim this year and that's to run my first marathon. As in 42 effin' kilometer marathon!!! :D

Keep on T runnin' and wish me all the best of luck this 2012! ;)

I wish you all the best of running this year.