Thursday, November 25, 2010

DR: Breaking In...

Run a couple of loops last night just to break in the Nike Lunar Glides. The bounce and cushion compared to Nike Free Everyday is very much similar. Though the upper part are still stiff because it's practically new. With more mileage surely it will soften up. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre RE: Help Give A Child A Pair Of Shoes...

When I was a kid, I dream that someday I will run the Milo Marathon. Then 30 odd years later, I am now registered to the Philippines most prestigious national marathon (How I wish the organizers and sponsors can make this international and put the Philippines on the international marathon map. Another tourism attraction!). Though I am still on the comeback trail sort of, I just registered for the 5k fun run. Hehehehe! :D

I'm sure glad in my own little way
I can help to give a less fortunate child to have a pair of shoes. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Race Review: HSBC135 No Excuses...

As expected, with lack of mileage after HSBC135, I didn't beat my target of sub-1:10:00 in an official 10k run. As I was on kilometer 8, I no longer have the leg to push strong and just started to do a run-walk-run-zips strategy just to make a final push to the finish line (the graph below clearly shows the drop in performance). I'm not happy and there's no excuse!!! I have resolved to push my training in the coming days. >:((

With such a so-so performance (based on my own standards), I still managed to beat my previous official 10k time of 1:17:02 by recording an unofficial time (via Nike+ Sportband) of 1:13:25. Still waiting for the official time as of this writing. Next stop ING Running 20! ;)

Now it's official, I got 1:13:02!!!

Here are some photos I'd like to share from the race event. ;)

Assembly area of 10k runners...

with my friend Anthony at the starting line

In action...

After crossing the finish line...

look at that ABS (a big stomach!)

at the Unilab grounds

My wife...worlds greatest race crew, supporter and fan...

With my friend JDMike and his wifey...


Short video of my finish line approach. ;)

Until next time. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pre RE: Building Homes...

I thought Run United 2 will be my last race event this 2010. But a last minute decision to join two more race, the ING Running 20 to be held on December 11 and the other is MILO Marathon Finals (though not yet registered as of this writing) the next day.

The beneficiary Habitat for Humanity is intending to build 20 homes for the re-location of Pasig river informal settlers.

Again, it's just my little way to help. ;)

Please see the Habitat Site.

Courtesy of Pep Squad

See you at the race. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DR: Stretching A Little...

I just run to stretch the muscles that are still stiff from the race last Saturday. Trying to sprint from time to time to develop some speed. I felt good the whole stretch. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

RN: Haile the Emperor...

I just read the article today that happened in New York Marathon 2010. This is sad news for all runners who look up to the great Haile Gebrselassie. At first, I thought he just retired from the race but he retires from the sport for good. :(

Photo from web

You may read the complete Runner's World article here.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Race Review: A New 5K PR...

I have revised this blog 3 times already and decided to make it short but sweet. ;)

Last January, I started to walk and a couple weeks, I run. By third week of February, I joined my first ever 5k race event Century Superbod. My target was to beat 40 minutes (based on my unorthodox training back then) and was able to successfully record a personal
official best time of 00:37:01. ;)

Fast forward today, I'm on a comeback trail after 4 months of hiatus and joined HSBC 135 as my second 5k race event. The intention was to assess where I am in my training (for Run United 2 10k) by basing on my performance to this race. And my target was to beat the Century Superbod PR and do a sub-35. Reaching the finish line, my Nike Sportband logged my time at 00:34:29. Then soon after I got my official time logged at 00:34:11!*** A new 5k PR!

Nike SportBand Time

Official Time

Photo courtesy of Pinoy Fitness (Thank you)

Now it's time to re-evaluate and plan on what's to improve and continue training. Can I beat a sub-30 next time? We'll see. ;)

Next stop, Run United 2! :D

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

P. S.

The organizers committed error on the official timing announcement. So, here's my adjusted official time with additional six seconds
00:34:17!. Still a new 5k PR! ;)


Adjusted Official Time

Thursday, November 4, 2010

DR: Tapering...

I just made a short tapering run (self assessment: barely 70 percent conditioned) to get ready for HSBC 135. Just a bit quicker strides this time but the graph says otherwise. Hehehehe! :D

Targeting below 35 minutes on Saturday to best my previous PR@5k. :D

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DR: Almost A Mistake...

I've completed my run without looking at the SportBand but when I inspect the stats, to my surprise the distance was set in miles! Araguy! :D

I feel a little worried because I never recorded a run with the distance set in miles. I thought it would not be summed up to my previous runs. But I was glad the Nike+ Connect software easily the made the conversion and uploaded it in a jiffy. :)

As I expect, I'm slowly progressing and with an estimated average of 7 minutes per kilometer, I'm on target to do a sub-40@5k. I hope the time will go down further by Saturday during HSBC 135 and establish a new PR. Btw, I felt good with this run. Pain on the left foot arc is gone! ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)