Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nike+ Sportband

I don't know if I'll be mad or not. Ever since I bought my Nike+ Sportband and started using it in early February 2010, I begin to love it. I feel great satisfaction when I get to surpassed the record of my previous runs.

But last night while running, glancing at the sportband from time to time to see my progress, I noticed that the reading was off and getting fast. I didn't mind at first thinking my eyes was just playing on me since I was at the dark side of the park when I looked.

After half kilometer or so, I took a glance again and this time the reading was slow. Then I tried to raised up and down my right arm where it was strapped. The reading goes frantic. I felt troubled and try to reset it but to no avail. The sportband still reads more erratically.

After so many running and pausing just to check the readings, correctly and not, I decided to abort recording and do endurance/long run instead just to up my mileage as I am preparing myself for my next race event of 10k. Though I enjoyed my run and yet felt sad because I don't have a record of it.

Barely two months and my sportband was already acting up. Did I get a lemon? :(

What should I do? Should I take it for another spin on my next run to see if it just a glitch or take it to the store where I bought it and have it checked/replaced?

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Century Superbod Run 2010

Century Superbods run 2010 was my very first race event. ;)

Just to give you a brief background. Weeks before the event, I started my on-again-off-again affair with running. I ran Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays with the aim to get fit this 2010 and beyond.
Based on my previous running experiences it was a proven way to put down excess pounds. And I'd like to say I'm up to it for the long haul this time. ;)

Now, I decided to join a race. And there was a lot of hype going on regarding Century Superbod. It was being endorsed by one of the country's known actor/athlete plus other celebrities plus the renowned running coach. It was highly promoted via trimedia. And looking at it to be such a big event, I came to choose this event as my baptism of fire. So to speak. :D

Then on the day, I was at Bonifacio High Street around 4:30am. Coming early to the venue, one can do warm-ups/check out route maps/see friends before gun time. But then to everyone's surprise, the gun time started 20-30minutes ahead of the scheduled/published time of 5:50am. It really does pays to come early as other runners were caught unaware.

As the start horn sounds into the air, the 5k runners marched/jogged off the starting line, I tried to squeezed past other runners to position myself near the front. But i came to realize, it was a sea of 5k runners (3700++). I was overwhelmed by such a huge turnout. As I weaved left and right, changing running lines to avoid many slow runners, by the time I reached the 2km mark my energy was already gone. I thought a 5k run would be just a walk in the park recalling on my training sessions. But with the variable conditions of an actual race came into play, I realized it was a far different scenario.

And as I ran along, passed several intersections were motor vehicles traffic was out of control. Some intersections where a bit confusing as to which way for the 10k/5k goes. Water stations were a bit scarce, I was frustrated to find one looking to quenched my thirst. As we all know, hydration is vital for a runner to regain strength to go on.

As I reached the 4km mark and catching a second wind, I saw 5k runners were a bit far apart and I can run a wee bit faster. Nearing 500 meters, I pushed really hard to reach the finish line to beat my target of under 40minutes. Later I found out, that I clocked 39:39 based on gun and 37:01 based on chip. My more experienced runner friends told me that I got a very respectable time being a newbie.

Now, what are my learning's for my very first race event?

Feeling myself after the race, quite felt good that I can take up 10k on my next race (I quietly said to myself). Finishing under my target time brought great satisfaction. And since I felt good performance wise, another reason to take 10k on the next race. I was terribly disappointed to so many slow/walking (even with a pet dog) "5k fun runners". Admittedly, I was a damned fool to put high expectation on a 5k run. Hehehehe! I thought everyone else was gunning for their personal records, thinking that way was such a boo boo. Decided I will not join a very popular race event for the meantime. I'll just stick with a more meaningful race event first to build on my race performance. FYI, I'm quite a bit of a competitive person when it comes to sports in general. ;)

So, What about you? How was your Century Superbods race experience? Thanks for readin'.

See you at the races and keep on T runnin'. ;)