Thursday, October 28, 2010

GP: Can't Resist...

I was at the mall a few days ago and got to pass by a sport shop. Rummaging around to look for a running top, a singlet in mind. I saw this brand "Accel" and begun looking for samples. I said to myself "Wow! These are gorgeous items!". Then I find myself trying some on and before I knew it, I got two! I admit, I am very much a Nike person (dreaming to be sponsored...hehehehe) but I can't resist in buying the singlets. Why? Simply because it has very nice design, very good fabric and its high quality. For one Nike top I can get an equivalent of three/four of Accel! Plus 10% discount on the retail price. Beat that! Besides I'm now into "Buy Filipino" advocacy (not yet 100% though) now a days. A little way to contribute to the Filipino manufacturing and economy. ;)

Here are the singlets. I hope I convince you to buy the same. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DR: Weekly???


Since Thursday last week, I wasn't able to run. And I'm so depressed that my supposedly scheduled every other day run becomes weekly. I'm terribly frustrated because t
he weather won't just cooperate. But tonight I got lucky to run on dry road though the sky is overcast and still threatening to rain. I was able to increase my pace just a weee bit faster. I hope by next week I should be at least in sub-40s on my 5k training. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

DNR: Another Weather Disturbance...

Rain rain go away...come again another...runners wants to play. :D

Beware Adidas KOTR 2010 runners, brace yourselves for a wet race on Sunday. Looks like another typhoon is going to hit us! >:((

Until next time.

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Pre RE: Tune Up Run...

I got my race bib yesterday though the singlet will be available by next week. This run will be a tune up/gauge to measure my progress in the run up to Run United 2. Hehehehe!

And it's my little way of helping kids, Hands On Manila. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DR: Out of Ordinary Run...

I am just continuing what I started last week with my "PR" runs. Maintaining the distance but slowly increasing the pace.

As soon as I'm done with my routine training, I walk towards home (slowing down pace), then the rain starts to fall and pours hard immediately so I made a run for it (
I learned from a tip that I read "running in the rain". One should not stop because it will maintain high body temperature to fight hypothermia.). While running, I felt good and my speed was really fast. That's a good 2.5km! Too bad I already stopped the recording of my Nike Sportband+.

It was my first time to run in the rain after a long long while. The experience brings back some fun childhood memories running/playing in the rain with cousins and friends. Splashes of rain on my face was so refreshing! :)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RN: Boston Marathon Sold Out In A Day

RN = running news***

Wow!!! How's that for a world renowned marathon to be more popular huh??? As soon as the 2011 Boston Marathon opens, registrations was sold out within the day!!! They open the registration at 9am and was closed 5:03pm. And according to Boston Athletic Association (BAA), that was their briefest registration in history.

You may read the complete article here -> 2011 Boston Marathon

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Monday, October 18, 2010

DNR: Typhoon Juan

DNR = did not run***

Here's the reason why runners won't run today. :(

Let us all pray for our countrymen in Northern Luzon.

Until next time.

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

GP: Quest For A New Runner...

GP = gamit pang-takbo*** (running gear)

I love my Nike Free Everyday+ so much that finding a replacement will be a gargantuan task. Ang OA ko ano? Hehehehe! :D And the quest to find a replacement has finally ended. ;)

Nike Free Everyday photo taken from web

While I'm in the process of looking/reviewing, I've tried Adidas, Asics, Brooks and New Balance runners but every model lacks the feel that I am looking for. I guess I am really picky and at the same time, I am very much a Nike type of person. :D

But now I found the worthy replacement...Nike LunarGlide+
!!! ;)

So, why did I choose LunarGlide?

I really like the comfort of a foam type of cushion, being lightweight, balance response to stability and good to absorb the impact/bounce of every stride. Those makes easy on the knees in my experience. As I'm trying LunarGlide on, comparing it to Free Everyday, the feel is almost identical. Then there's the compatibility requirement to Nike+ Sportband, it is a must where other brands do not have. And lastly, the price since I got it on a bargain sale. ;)

But as we know, the new version LunarGlide 2 is out already and my budget won't permit it plus the new colorway available at the local stores is off in my taste. Hehehehe! :D I wish the color shown below will be available soon. Who knows I might get it too. ;)

Nike Lunar Glide 2 photo taken from web

Now, I can't wait to take the LunarGlide for some serious running. And only super typhoon "Juan" will stop me from doing that (safety first people before anything else). ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

DR: Loosen It Up...

As expected when I woke up this morning and both legs are sore. So, the run was to loosen up those aching muscles. I made a couple of rounds at Ayala Triangle with "PR" runs. Hehehehehe. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DR: Getting Back In Shape...

DR = daily run***

Tonight I started to get back in shape after a long hiatus and I made a very good run. The singlet I am wearing was soaking in sweat. I even made a new "PR"...meaning "parang relax" run. Hehehehe. :D

With almost four months of none running, my pace indicates I did not loose all the work I have done before. I just have to pick up from where I left of.

I expect my leg muscles will be sore in the morning. So, I might do a recovery run tomorrow night to loosen it up.

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pre RE: Trying to race again...

Pre RE = pre race event***

For the past couple of weeks, I am scouring the net for a worthy race to make a comeback of sorts. And there were lots of good races on the calendar but I'm a bit picky. Hehehehe. :D I saw some interesting race but...

I have to pass on running the 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River. Why? I am still suffering the horrors of the Century Superbods held last February. Now, w
ith more than 116K runners (organizers are gunning for a new Guinness world record), I reason out that no casual-but-serious-enough-runner can make a decent race in this event . Though it is worth to join for the love of nature, the restoration of a dying river. But then again...

Then I tried to register (about a week ago) on the Adidas King of the Road 2010 but since no more singlets of my size available plus the design is not hohummm. I thought it is not worth the registration fee being asked for. Not practical in my opinion. So, I pass on this one too. :P

Then yesterday, I registered to the 3rd leg of the Run Rio Trilogy - Run United 2 slated for November 20. It is only proper to register having joined the previous two legs of the trilogy.

Admittedly, I lost the appetite to run when the rainy season began.
I am hoping this will motivate me to run frequently again. There's ample time on my feet to get in shape. ;)

So, see you at the race.

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)