Thursday, January 27, 2011


After ten days and another chilly evening. Run feels great! Used Road Id for the first time...

1KM 6' 19"
2KM 6' 53"
3KM 7' 49"
4KM 6' 20"
5KM 6' 19"
5.08KM 8' 52"

Keep on T runnin'. ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GP: Road ID & Firefly

Yehey!!! Thanks to my uncle for getting me Road ID and Firefly. :)

The Road ID with reflector strips wristband that gives a simple information regarding name of the person, contact numbers in case of emergency and I personally include my blood type.

While the Firefly Supernova is a red blinker that would make a runner more visible to the vehicles behind on a dark road. It can be clipped behind the neck line of the singlet, head band, wristband or anklet.

Now I have two safety gears to make me more visible on the road when I run at night. I can't wait to wear them. :)

You may visit the Road ID site for more details.

Run safe everyone and Keep on T runnin'. ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pre RE: EDSA Run 2011

See the teaser...

Keep on T runnin'. ;)


Another chilly evening...

1KM 07' 23"
2KM 06' 10"
3KM 06' 51"
4KM 06' 19"
5KM 07' 14"
6KM 06' 20"
7KM 06' 19"
7.31KM 06' 47"

Keep on T runnin'. ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pre RE: Run for the Dolphins...

I almost forgot, this is one of the best races that I missed in 2010. So, when the registration started last December, I registered right away. Dreaming to conquer the Skyway and now here's my chance. Starting next week, I'll ramp up my long runs because I was disappointed with my performance on my last race. Hoping to set a new 10K PR. ;)

See you at the starting line and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Gadget: Nike+ SportWatch GPS

I gotta have this!!! :D :D :D

photo by Nike

You may read the complete article here ->
Nike+ SportWatch GPS

I am selling a pre-owned (read: almost new) Garmin Forerunner 305. Anyone interested??? Hahahahaha!!! :D :D :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Race Review: PSE Bull Run 2011

Main Sponsors: Philippine Stock Exchange & Megaworld
Event Organizer: Advertising and Events Manila
Race Category: 10 Kilometer


I registered for PSE Bull Run during the holidays to mark the start of my 2011 running season. It was one of the race last year that I missed out since my friend Maki (who works with PSE) keeps on reminding me to join. But now I did! :D

I am a little worried about the race as I am coming from a three week off. I don't know what will be my performance having just limited training during the off season.

Off to a Good Start

While waiting for the race to start, I got to see an old high school friend, Alex, we had a small chat and talked about some running plans in 2011. Then we separated ways because he'll be running for the 16k category which will start earlier.

still with fresh legs

with Alex

Then I met another friend, Mike, a fellow diecast collector from DCPH, who'll be running the same category as I am. We agreed to run our first five kilometers in 6:30-7:00 minute pace to save some energy for a strong finish in the end.

with Mike

When the gun start and ran the first few kilometers (noticed that there where no kilometer markers), the road still dark and a bit of chill in the air, I really felt strong and confident that I'll have a reasonable time to beat my previous personal record (PR). And as we climb the elevated portion (flyover) of the route, I didn't feel any loss of energy. I had kept a good pace. :)

Slowing Down

On our way to the middle mark, decided to past a few water stations, since runners are all lined up (short tables provided caused a very cramped place to get a drink) and making a stop can cost quite a time. But later found out to be a bad decision. When I reached the 45 minute of running time (really don't know what distance already), I felt the sudden drop of leg power. My throat quickly dries up and my breath starts to get heavy. Crossing big intersections along the way didn't help as it saps away my energy because of the extra effort to get past at a much quicker pace. At that point, I let Mike know that I am to slow down and might start to walk (which I did) if the heavy breathing continues. I just watched Mike pulled away and I run-walk a couple of times on the way back up at the flyover. Realizing of not having a drink would cost me yet another personal best!

Second Wind

On the next water stations, made an effort to drank a little not to make myself stomach heavy. I caught my second wind and hoped to make a push in the last kilometer. Looking at the time, 1 hour 8 minutes with close to a kilometer on much heavier legs, it meant I didn't break my previous PR (ING Running 20 @ 1 hour 8 minute 38 seconds). I crossed the line 1 hour 15 minutes (unofficial gun time shown below).

As the graph shows, for the third time in as many races, I can't docked the 1 hour time with more gas in the tank to really make a strong finish.

Not really the start of running season I am dreaming for. :(

Thanks Runner's Runner

Until next time. ;)

Thanks for readin' and keep on T runnin'. ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

DR: Another 5K...

I had another 5k run and there was no chill in the air tonight. I had an absolute sweaty workout. My last run in preparation for Sunday's PSE Bull Run. ;)

Keep on T runnin'. ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DR: Breaching 5K...

It was another chilly evening and I just breached the 5k mark. Still feeling my knees and ankles if it can stand a further distance. The pain on my right knee has gone but the left ankle still has. ;)

Keep on T runnin'. ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

DR: Happy New Year...

First of all, I'd like to greet everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! :D

Let us all push for more miles this 2011! ;)

It was my first run to kick start my 2011 running season. The cold air could hardly make me sweat. I didn't push hard due to a slight pain in my right knee and left ankle. I guess rust has build up on my joints during my three weeks off. :D

Keep on T runnin'. ;)